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Do Plants Adapt Tropical Rainforest

Posted on 29 March, 2017 by Rita M. Prather
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proprclothing.com -Do Plants Adapt Tropical Rainforest Earth's rainforests are rich in plant and animal life. In fact, the Amazon rainforest alone contains around 10 percent of all known species on earth. Plants and animals living in the rainforest must deal with a host of challenges, including competition for food, near-constant rainfall and the threat of predators.

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Do Plants Adapt Tropical Rainforest inforest?. Edexcel Entry Level: Ecosystems: Recognise and describe the special features of tropical rainforest trees that help them thrive. Summary. • The aim of this self-guided resource is to encourage pupils to think about how different plants have adapted to living in the Tropical Rainforest.

Plant adaptations. 3. Drip Tips The leaves of forest trees have adapted to cope with exceptionally high rainfall. Many tropical rainforest leaves have a drip tip. It is thought that these drip tips enable rain drops to run off quickly. Plants need to shed water to avoid growth of fungus and bacteria in the warm, wet tropical rainforest.

Tropical rainforest: plants and animals adaptations to the .... Plants and Animals Adaptations to the Tropical Rainforest The plants need sunlight for photosynthesis (the way they make their own food). This is because the plant traps the sun's energy in the chlorophyll, in the leaves.

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