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Tropical Rainforest Endangered Plants

Posted on 06 June, 2017 by Kim R. Clemons
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proprclothing.com -Tropical Rainforest Endangered Plants Endangered Plants in the Tropical Rainforest There are many endangered plants in the tropical rainforest , and many are wiped out before we have ever discovered them. At the pace of the current rainforest destruction , it is estimated that 137 species are wiped out daily.

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Tropical Rainforest Endangered Plants nts. Continuous development and cutting down of rainforests has caused species of plants to become endangered and on the verge of extinction. Rainforests are home to 10,000 species of orchids endangered by drilling and mining.

Endangered plants in the amazon rain forest. Endangered Plants in the Amazon Rain Forest. It is estimated that 80 percent of the world's green flowering plants are in the Amazon rain forest. About 1,500 species of higher plants (ferns and conifers) and 750 types of trees can be found in 2.5 acres of the Amazon rain forest. It is unknown exactly how many Amazon rain forest plants are

Endangered rain forest plants. Endangered Rain Forest Plants. Orchids are found world wide but the majority of species are found in the tropics. Most internationally traded orchids come from the tropical regions of Asia and South America, including India, Thailand, China, Singapore, Madagascar, Brazil and Guatemala.

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